Affiliate Marketing

can i found expert Affiliate Marketing
i mean i pay for person a commission for selling my photo ?

Ahoy @Samoel,

you mean you want to pay a person to sell your designs? Why dont you just sell it by yourown?

yes this what i want
am trying do this more and more
but didn’t make any sells yet

Ahoy @Samoel,

its not that easy to generate sales very quickly. You have to stay patient and also to upload designs that fit the need of the customers. But as our service is free I wouldnt advice you to pay another person to manage your account.

Have a nice weekend.
Best Rico

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i will do what you said thanks for helping me

You should try
You will have ability to upload 15 POD sites.
It is what everyone does now.
Flying upload
Merch titans
Tangent templates
That is the formula to use. You can watch them on YouTube

Can we eventually become a youtube advertiser with spreadshirt? I would be very interested in doing this… Thank you.