All my own designs are rejected

Dear Spreadshirt,

I don’t know why all my own designs are rejected? Do you scan by machine or human to reject the design?

Here is the sample of mine:

And I use the photoshop to make them.

They don’t like design series in their marketplace.

I’m having the same problem. I cannot upload multiple products at once. After only 1-2 days, all my products were rejected for the same reason. Like this is how the robot works. What a disappointment.

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So how do you upload your design? Although I was limited by only uploading 4-5 designs per day. But in just a few days, the designs were rejected for the same ridiculous reason. Can you share how to upload your design to the market to not be rejected?


Here is the replying of Spreadshirt:

Thank you for your email.

We are aware that you have uploaded stolen content.

As stated in the Partner Terms and Conditions 3(b) The Partner guarantees that the Submitted Content was either created by the Partner or that the Partner is otherwise the owner or authorized licensee of all necessary rights in and to the Submitted Content (for example, trademark, copyright, privacy rights, publicity rights, common law, etc.). 3(f) Spreadshirt reserves the right to remove, limit, or modify the Submitted Content or service provided to the Partner to address the perceived risk.

Please be advised that your accounts have been terminated.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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There is really no way to find an explanation for playing with this spread shirt. I also sent a letter of resistance and my account was also blocked. After that, the account was locked as if it never existed. Or just send mail and then don’t respond. Now it is also frustrating to work with spread. I have learned that since the migration, things have become much harder than before.

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Please get in contact with Thanks.

PS: From today onwards please find us for any Shop-related questions in our own Spreadshop Forum: