Anyone having issues with Payout, almost every other month?

Is anyone else having issues with Payout?
First payout (Feb 15th) has not been received.

Spreadshirt’s first explanation was that “I needed to check my banking information, etc” so I did. There was no error with my banking information. But I did some research and found out that designers prefer using PAYPAL and has seldom issues as non-receipt of payout via PAYPAL.

I then changed my payment data to PAYPAL (14 days before the next payout the following month).
Then come the following month (March 15th), no payout; I email Spreadshirt and they tell me that it could be my PAYPAL account. I contacted PAYPAL; there was no issue with my PAYPAL account. I email Spreadshirt again and I get an email that it will be credited on the next payout schedule (Apr 15th).

Comes Apr. 15th, onto my PAYPAL account, I was credited for sales from Feb & March, but I have not received the sales-credit that was due Jan15th.

I feel like Spreadshirt is not a very reliable marketplace when it comes to payouts. Any advice? Any tips on which POD marketplace is out there that is more reliable when it comes to payouts?

Thank you in advance.