API : Checkout part


We are currently in the framework of designing and programming our website, based on your API, but we have a simple suggestion regarding the “checkout” stage, so that currently the customer is directed to the form in order to fill in all the data, including the address.
Currently, and because we are trying to target other regions and markets that your website does not support, it will be difficult, for example, to ask a person to roam our website using the language of his country (Japanese, Arabic … etc.) and then request information such as the address in a form in another language.
Our idea is that information such as address … etc. will be filled out on our website, and will be sent via the “API” to you, while only payment is made through your website.

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And peace.

Ahoy @Zendibad,

as you are talking about the shop-Api please use the dedicated shop-forum for all your shop issues. The colleagues will help you:


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