Auto-size designs to uploaded size at 200 ppi

I’m uploading PNGs anticipating that they will print at the recommended 200 ppi. I’ve carefully sized them on my computer before uploading.

But when I upload them and put them on a product, Spreadshirt initially sizes them to some other size. I have to manually drag the sizing control to restore the intended size.

This has been a lot of work. A simple button for sizing to 200 ppi would automatically size it to my intended size and save me a heck of a lot of time.

Is there already a way to do this? Maybe a secret shortcut key?

I realize it’s possible for an image to indicate its own ppi or dpi, potentially complicating matters, but given that you recommend 200 ppi, it would be nice to auto-size it to that when possible.

Have you tried out our templates: ?

Hi Lena. Yes, I am using the templates (and LOVE them) and have the above problem with them.

When I apply a template to a new design, I still have to go through and properly size each design. The template provides the products and product colors, but it does not by default use the inherent size of the design per the 200 ppi recommendation.

(When I apply a template to a design of the same dimensions as originally used for the template, the template initializes the new products to the sizes saved in the template. The problem arises with applying a template to a new design – or rather, any time I put a design on a product.)

@Thomas_Spreadshirt, can we make this a feature request? I’d like some easy way to auto-size a design on a product to the inherent size of the uploaded image, assuming 200 ppi, as Spreadshirt recommends for digital prints.