Bad design contrast on some shirt colors

Hello, I am creating designs in transparent PNG file format and so far so good. My main art style is monochromatic, or rather, just a single color.

I am struggling with some designs being too dark on dark shirt colors or too bright on bright shirt colors. My workaround was to create a duplicate design with inverted colors and manually remove dark or bright shirt colors from the available selection, but this seems counter productive and creates a bunch of duplicate products. I am wondering if there is a better way to deal with this?


I wish those would be the same products and SpreadShirt would be smart enough to pick the appropriate design color depending on the shirt color.

Any help appreciated.

Ahoy @Bruno_Finger,

to create 2 different png-files - one for bright colors and one for dark colors - is a good way to make all design-and productcolorcombinations possible. You could use the template-feature to add all fitting products and productcolors to those design.
You could also create vectorfiles as those files can be edited to adjust the color to the product. Also the customers can change the color of those files if they want to.

But basically, a design can’t work on all product colors. So it is normal that you have to deactivate some product colors for a design.

I hope this helps.

Best Rico