Better Mousepads

I didn’t see a location to request products in the future so I decided to put this post here.

The vast majority of products from spreadshirt / spreadshop are fantastic in my opinion, but there is a glaring point of pain for me with a specific product that is sold from spreadshirt / spreadshop. Mousepads.

I know it may seem silly to some, but I’m serious. As a Twitch streamer, my community heavily games and thus loves products like full desk mousepads. I would love to have large format mousepads (sometimes called desk mats) available to purchase from my spreadshop that are customized to my brand. Specifically, mousepads that are not simply adhering a cloth layer to foam layer via adhesive, but rather have stitching along the edges of the mousepad to ensure no separation between the cloth layer and the foam layer.

Currently, there is only one alternative I have found for large mouse pad printing and it comes from stream elements. Sadly, the mouse pads there are low quality and do tend to have the layers separate over time as well. I’d much rather have a high quality mouse pad from spreadshirt / spreadshop as products from your brand tend to be much better than most.

If this product becomes a reality, please notify us as well! I will be one of the first to add a product listing to my spreadshop.

Andrew (CyberHawks)

Ahoy @User_NA-3d743363,

I forwarded your request. But as this is a niche-product I cant promise if it will make it into our assortment.
Best Rico

I would love to be able to offer large mousepads, specially dark colored ones

Seconded :pray:

Grilling Community loves their mousepads what can I say ;).

Seriously though I would like a large mouse pad. big enough for keyboard, mouse space, and a cup of coffee at the top. TY!