Bizarre & Abusive Mistreatment!

Several of my works were removed from Spreadshirt / Spreadshop, with “Copyright” being the only information provided.

I contacted support for assistance, stating that I was the sole owner of the removed intellectual property and providing official documentation from the United States Copyright Office as verification.

In response I was told: "As stated on our Legal FAQ, we will not print: photos, caricatures, or other artwork depicting musical groups or musical artists”… but the removed works were NOT "photos, caricatures, or other artwork depicting musical groups or musical artists”. I was then ignored for weeks, despite many requests for help, until I received the following message: "As stated previously, your designs have been deactivated due to copyright concerns and will remain deactivated for the forseeable future. Please be advised that any attempts to overturn this decision or reupload the images may result in account termination.” What “copyright concerns” could there be? I had provided my Copyright Registration number and official documentation multiple times, but this was never acknowledged by Spreadshirt / Spreadshop.

After ignoring my pleas for assistance, I discovered that ALL of my submitted works had disappeared, without warning, notification or justification of any kind.

I kept trying to receive support, eventually being told that: "Looking in your account we are not seeing any designs have ever been uploaded.”

I replied with an overview of the situation, documentation of my copyright ownership (again), and again asked for the support that should have been provided months ago when this situation started. Instead, I received the response: "We are aware that you have uploaded infringing content and are attempting to create multiple accounts to circumnavigate our moderation. This is a clear violation of the Partner Terms and Conditions.”

I have NEVER uploaded infringing content.

I have NEVER attempted to create multiple accounts, to “circumvent (their) moderation”, or for any other reason.

I DID repeatedly request help that was never provided.

I DID provide evidence from the United States Copyright Office, which was completely ignored and never acknowledged.

I ALSO provided a DMCA counter-notice to further affirm my ownership of the removed works.

Spreadshirt/Spreadshop support has thus far refused to acknowledge any of these facts, and refused to provide any explanation or justification for the abusive treatment they have repeatedly engaged in against me (that is, when they bother responding to me at all).

If anyone can provide assistance or advice on how to actually get this situation reviewed appropriately, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Ahoy @capartwork,

I checked your account and cant find any information about uploaded and rejected images. You only have one design in your account so far and this was not checked yet.
If there were rejected designs, they should still be in your account unless you deleted them yourself. Furthermore, a rejection would be registered in our system. But nothing like that is in our system.
Have I possibly looked in the wrong account? Which account is it about?
Are you mistaking a rejection for an upload error?
There is just no rejection.


They weren’t rejected, they were approved and then removed. Many of them.