Buying gift coupons for Shops?

Hello everyone,

we are thinking about giving you guys the ability to buy coupons for your own shops.
With such a feature we´d like to support you in your marketing efforts or e.g.

  • as a special price for your next community raffle
  • a dedicated present for your most loyal customers
  • useable when you want to give out a special deal for a bulk ordering customer

But before I´d like to know how do you see this offer and what do you think is
important to you.

  • would you use this offer?
  • what budgets are you handling usually when doing social media marketing

Feel free to also vote for this issue :slight_smile:

If I understand this correctly… this would allow the shop owner to “pay down” a discount for shoppers. We would use this - I’m not clear why we can’t offer discount codes that effectively “remove” all margin for us the shop owner.

I’m confused about margins that go to the shop owner. Does the shop owner ONLY make the value of the input design price, or is there a margin share even if the product design cost is set to 0?

You also receive the Affiliate Commission ( and once you sell more the Volume Commission (

We actually recommend for you to start with low prices (meaning having a low design price or no design price).

Yes, that´s what the idea is about.

The current commission model does not support customizeable promotions for Shop Owners. Therefore we want to have a little fix to hand over some possibilities to Shop Owners.

Besides that, there are nearly 2 Promotions each month available for Shop Owner Customers.
We see that the majority of SPs do not take advantage of this to promote their shop with “full throttle”.

The coupon buying thingy is more a marketing gift.

I believe that this idea is perfect as a marketing step, by giving us possibility to purchase and sell coupons or vouchers, your company will get more famous.

Ahoy @User_NA-0180381a,

please contact our colleagues in the dedicated spreadshop-forum for all shop related questions, requests and wishes:

Thanks for your reply))