Can I do different designs on the front and back?



So let me make sure I understand this. In a new shop I cannot have different design on front & back (design A on front, with different design B on back).



Yes, exactly. It’s relatively often requested, but very resource intensive to develop, and finally: in practice (at least in the past) used by a tiny handful of partners. So, it has not been at the top of our priorities to introduce.


hi, i actually just joined as i was told by a friend that i can print front and back with different designs, as redbubble do not have this option and i really need it… so we cant do this at all?


Unfortunately not :frowning: There are some legacy accounts that allow this, so your friend might have used one of those. We moved to our current partner area UI in 2015 / 2016 so it’s been a while that we haven’t offered this feature.

But as said: it’s in our backlog - we might introduce it in the future but the current plan / timeframe is still unclear.


ok, back to redbubble for me, was excited when he told me…


I also need to be able to upload different artwork to the front and back of my shirt designs. I went ahead and setup a forum account with the hopes I’ll get notified when this feature is available (again?). Other than this missing requirement, it looks like Spreadshirt will be a great solution for us.


Is there any update to this functionality? Or even if you can add a custom shirt to the shop?


Not yet, no - no updates.

What do you mean with adding a custom shirt to the shop?


is there a way at least to delete the design on the front, only leaving it on the back?


Could you be a bit more speficic - delete the design on the front, where? I’m afraid I don’t understand your question.


Hopefully by hopping in on this thread I can receive notification if this feature goes live? Cannot open our shop and get started until it is implemented as all of our shirts are one image on front another on the back. Will have to keep using a local printer to make guesstimate quantity limited production runs and carting inventory around with us for seminars until then. Too bad since everything else was looking promising.


Sorry to hear the lack of this function is preventing you from opening your shop altogether! Yes, we’ll definitely keep you updated in this thread.

You should also maybe check that you’ve subscribed to our partner newsletters? We always inform of any product updates via the partner newsletter! :slight_smile: :love_letter:


rarely used because it sounds like it was probably a pain to do and people couldn’t figure it out!! Make it simple and intuitive and I’ll bet, surprisingly, it gets used more often!! Half of my designs require 2 sides for better humor, logo branding etc!


Yes this is disappointing. Just joined and cannot believe this isn’t a priority!


People!!! Good news! :spreadshirt: :spreadshop:

I have gotten the confirmation that this feature will be introduced to the Partner Area.

Timeframe will follow as soon as I have it - unfortunately I don’t have this information yet.


any word yet or any additional information about laying designs front and back?


Yes, me too. Please let us all know when it is possible to have a design on both the front and back of the shirt.



Functionality will be released in the upcoming months. We are now testing our prototype. Some of you might receive an e-mail asking for your feedback on our prototype :slight_smile:


I am waiting for this functionality to be available before I can launch my store. Are we looking at a month or multiple months? Thanks :slight_smile:


We’re looking at not more than 3 months!