Can I do different designs on the front and back?



So we are looking at dual designs on one shirt within a 3 month period? And will I get an email when this feature is available


Hello everyone!
I need to say, I always wonder about the seriousness that is put into this feature conversatoin.
Personally & from a marketing perespective, I am not super convinced by the argument that the absence of back & front print is a blocker for shop owners to start with a shop.
Anyone that keeps waiting for a feature which has been never really relevant for shop customers, (measured in order item numbers) is missing the chance to earn money right from the start. (let´s exclude all the shop owners that probably have a sports team topic shop)

Maybe it´s something that someone of you can give an answer to: What is your personal topic and what is the reason that hinders you from publishing merch?


You will indeed receive an e-mail once this feature is available for all your products!


We’re running a political organisation and we always want the logo on the front and the current slogan/activity on the back. Always.


Great - then please know that this feature will be made available for you within the next two months!


Also waiting for this feature before going live.


Is this available yet? Was a key reason why I chose spreadshirt. Seems ridiculous that it’s not available…


Please let us know when and how to get this function. I really would like to use it.



We will. Definately.
You´ll be informed through our Newsletter, as well as within our Blog.
And probably here, too :slight_smile:


Very disappointing, I have an instagram account with over 100k followers who a big percentage want shirts made. I came to this website to start the process in opening a shirt shop and there is no feature to have BACK designs on shirts just the front, seems pathetic that Thomas is arguing that this feature is not necessary. I really liked the ease of but it is useless to me without being a printing in the back.


Hi @Vintage_Western,

No worries - this functionality will be made available in the next three months. Stay tuned :slight_smile:
We hope you’re as excited about this new feature as we are.


My friend and I created a shirt brand that we initially sold in person by buying them wholesale first. The shirt has different designs on the front and back and has gotten a lot of positive feedback. In looking to scale our business for this specific shirt design, we found spreadshirt and really like the platform, but have been forced to use inferior ones until we have the ability to put different designs on the front and back through Spreadshirt. Anxiously waiting this update!


We’re anxiously waiting as well but I can promise the functionality should be available by the end of February! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for the availability to put designs on the back and the front of shirts!!! If only we could print on the sleeves of long sleeve shirts :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Remember though that once we’ll have implemented this, the price will increase if you choose to print on an additional print area:


Awesome, I’m really glad to hear it’s coming as I’ve a design that I really want to do but it requires a front/back image.


Hope this goes live soon, biiiig need.


Yes, end of February!


Have been using Zazzle but looking for front and back capability in my store if I am to consider moving to Spreadshirt.


Well then stay tuned :slight_smile: