Can I do different designs on the front and back?



Are you still on target for end of February launch?


Indeed we are :slight_smile:


This is a pointless thing to say, you’re basically trying to tell the customer they are wrong! The customer wants/needs what they want, and it seems clear this is something widely thought as beneficial. I am also waiting for the end of Feb before launching my shop. Definitely an important factor to have back and front design available!


Well then, the wait is soon over :wink:


In agreement with you - this functionality is critical to some folks. Seems odd to have someone tell you that it doesn’t matter.

We have a three lines of shirts that we offer in our gift shop (physical shop) that we want to share with the world - they sell quite well, actually. They are front and back - artwork on front, words on back.

I’m in the process of opening a new store - but wouldn’t be opening it with Spreadshirt if this functionality wasn’t coming.

Glad it’s on its way. Counting down the days until the end of February.


Any word on the release date yet???


End of this week or latest next Monday.


How’s that release comin?


Tomorrow :slight_smile: !!!
We had to fix one last larger bug.


Trust me when I say, I cant wait!


Same here! I’ve been checking this forum daily, lol.


This is now possible:


Thank you for sharing this post. It Looks good.