Can upload PNG with white Background But not Transparent


I designed a image on photoshop I would like to purchase on a men’s hoodie. It is 2000x2000 pixels at 200dpi. When I exported the png the first time I forgot to delete a background layer so the photo didn’t have its transparent background. I didn’t realize this until I uploaded it and seen the white background. I went back and deleted this layer and re-exported the png, now transparent, and I cannot upload it at all. I have triple checked a;; the different settings, I have made many changes and ensured it is under 10mb, yet I still cant upload it. Can anyone please help me??

How do you export your PNG?

If you use Export As… Make sure you choose the PNG as format with Transparency checked.

If you use Save As… make sure the Interlacing is unchecked.

hello i think yes you can by using photoshop check youtube videos i think you will know how to do it good luck

Ahoy @User_NA-7cadcfb5,

uploading a normal png should not cause any trouble. I will send you a PM - could you please provide me a link to your file so I can have a look whats the issue with it?


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