Can't choose main design area

I see this “new” article on how to Choose Your Own Main Design, from 11/19/19, but I don’t seem to have the option to actually select my main design on a two-sided shirt:

How can I ensure the front of this shirt shows in the preview on my sales page?



I’ve been having the exact same problem, products showing the less significant design by default in the shop. Unfortunately, it looks like you need to select the main design when you first set up the multiple print area product (upload or combining existing designs). As it says in the article you linked to, “Please note that the new feature is not yet available for existing products with multiple print areas.”

It’s kind of disappointing that Spreadshirt still hasn’t extended the feature to existing products (as you point out, the article was published in November 2019), but it looks like the only solution for now is creating the product(s) from scratch.

Hey @Superkultur,

you’re right - we still havent introduced this feature. As there were a lot of changes and circumstances from last year till now, the priorization for this feature isnt very high.

As a quickfix I would recommend to proceed as follows when creating the multiple print objects:
If you are on the screen where you have to select all of your designs you wish to be printed on a product, select your maindesign FIRST because the first selected design will be shown no matter on which printarea it will be placed afterwards.

Got it, that will have to do for now. I understand the past year has been … extraordinary. Hopefully this will be implemented in the foreseeable future.

Thanks for your reply, Rico!

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