Can't get hoodie front design! Help!

The front design on my Gildan Heavy Blend Women’s Zip Hoodie keeps getting a :no_entry_sign: - It can’t be a rejection because it already accepted the back design for the same subject. It has a transparent background, it’s 4000 pixels. I tried it at 5 inches wide/1.5 inches long, then again at 4 inches wide/1 inch long, then at just a square at 2x2. None of them have been accessible. Why? Why are there no specific measurements for the various areas of each of the products? That’s what templates should be? WTF??

Hey @User_NA-c60babc1,

on this product we can only print vectorfiles on the front. If you’re talking about pixelsize and resolution you are always talking about a pixelfile which isnt suitable for this product.
And in this special case the front-printarea on this product is also very small so the vector file has to be very simple to meet our requirements of the minimum line width.
You will find the requirements and explanation here: