Changes in Google Tracking?

Is something wonky with the integrated tracking?

I noticed on October 22 my analytics starting showing the shop name in the page urls.
before: /blah-blah-t-shirt+12345
now: /shop-name/blah-blah-t-tshirt+12345

The links from analytics do work and go to the wonky URL being recorded https://www.myshop/shop-name/blah-blah-t-tshirt+12345, but that is not the default URL structure of the site.

Today I witnessed a shop sale come through on the spreadshirt reporting side, but zero evidence of a sale on the google analytics side. Not even a visit to the page that sells the product in the last 7 days.

I am using a pushstate enabled embedded shop and all was going great up until recently.

Hey there,

Yes, we´ve improved the tracking lately to enable a more detailed view.

In general, adblocking or any traffic analytics prevention done by the user, prevents GA to track a sale or visits correctly.
This happens from time to time. From a user perespective this is called data protection. From your perespective as a seller, it´s a missing tracking data.