Changing price of products

Hi everyone,

I have had products in my store for several years and have not been updating them! but have now created some new products.

I’m having a difficult time finding the answers the following questions:

  1. How can I change the price of a product?
  2. How do sales commissions work (in your own store)?

Hello! If you go to your dashboard, press the shop icon on the left of the screen (that says spreadshop), and press on your shop, go to pricing and promos, then shop pricing. There, you can see all of the products, and you can set the retail price, so whatever you set that to - the base price = how much you earn. If a t-shirt was $10, and you set the retail price to $16, you would earn $6. When you are done, you have to press apply changes for it to take effect. Note that for me, it took about a half hour for the prices to change in the shop after pressing apply changes.

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