Checkout payment not concluded issue

Hello, I’m trying to figure out why this message is coming up when I try to pay. I have tried switching browsers, deleting cookies, using another payment method, everything and I am not able to complete payment. What is wrong with this?

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Hey @User_NA-6f33b82b,

I will forward this issue to the colleages in charge and let you know the answer as soon as I got feedback.


Hey @User_NA-6f33b82b,

it seem that you tried to order a lot of times in a very short time. This behavior activates our fraud-risk tool. So this was the reason why other payment methods didn’t work as well.
You should try it again - it should work now. But the next time a payment method doesn’t work wait a few hours until you try another.

Let me know if this helped.


Our account is having the exact same issue. We are ordering gift cards in bulk. We waited for over 24 hrs and tried different emails, but since the billing address is the same I’m wondering if that is why we cannot complete the purchase.

Can you please help us?

Hey @User_NA-e6a9afbb,

how many giftcards did you want to order? And what value?
I will forward this issue to my colleagues.

Hi there,

We are trying to order 19 $25 gift cards, and 4 $50 gift cards.

On Jan 26 we had placed an order for 42 $50 and 21 $25 gift cards since then we have not been able to place any order. We have tried logging out of our account and using different credit cards, and trying different emails. We waited for the 24 hr period. Our team even tried using a personal credit card, but it didn’t go through. It didn’t work for 3 different people trying to place orders, even when we used a different email and card.

We understand there is a 24 hr period, but it seems to lock people out of ordering even after 24 hrs which is problematic when we are needing to place gift card orders.

Hey All,

could you please all write me a private message and send me the emailadress you used for those orders and what exactly you wanted to order?

There seems to be a bug.

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@Rico_Spreadshirt Hi there! How do we send you a private email? What is your email address?

As of today, Feb 1 we are still encountering issues. We have over 48 hrs to make another gift card order. The bank has verified there is no issue or fraud alert on our end and we still cannot make a purchase, so help would be appreciated! We’ve tried different cards, and nothing works.

I wrote you a private message. You can answer me on it and give me the needed emailadress.

Same issue here.
wont let me proceed.

I am having the same issue trying to order shirts.

I’m having same issue ordering separate hoodies on my account for different team mates of my gaming team all worth over 70+ us dollars and it been almost two days since the first two went through

I’m having the same issue on my shop as well. Wanted to pick up some swag for myself and my lady. I kinda wish the stickers came in packs of, say, 5, so you didn’t have to add 10 units which might be part of the trigger to why I get blocked after additionally adding 3 sweatshirts and a t-shirt.

Can you also send me a message and help me work this out?

Ahoy @Stuby_Kas,

could you please write an email to nd explain in detail what you wanted to do and what happened? Also provide your PartnerID.

Best Rico

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Hi Rico, can you also please contact me via private message? I’m having the same issues now, even when we tried using another company card for the purchase. Thank you!

Ahoy @User_NA-f261f52f,

as mentioned above: could you please reach out to the colleagues at ?
They will help you.

Best Rico

I am getting that same message. I have checked with my financial institution and all is good on their end

Ahoy @User_NA-4c051415,

please contact the colleagues at