Clear Keywords Button

In the keyword section, it would be great if there was a button to clear the useless automated keywords. Most, if not all of the automated keywords generated by the system are completely useless. I have to delete each of them one by one. Cumbersome waste of time. It would be so great if there was a button to just clear the whole field in one click instead of 25 clicks.

This would be a useful option. It’s one I use frequently on Zazzle when tags are broken up or rejected.

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such a button could work, but I think you write about 2 things because 25 keywords are never auto-generated by the system. From my point of view max 3-4 keywords are auto-generated based on the uploaded file name and added as initial keywords after upload.

Ahoy all,

I will forward your feedback regarding the keywords. But as @kiar mentioned - the automated keyword suggestions are not entered automatically into the keyword-field. How did you get them all there?

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Please I want to hide this button