Custom Domain URL

Is it possible to attach a domain name (like a .COM, .XYZ, etc) to a Spreadshop as the main URL (not just forwarding)?

For example, I would like to show VS Does that make sense. Please advise!

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This is currently not possible although it is in our backlog. You’ll need to have you own website on a CMS like Wordpress and integrate our Shop:

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Hello Lena
Do not you think it would be better if spreadshirt gives you the option to open a store with two dedicated paychecks? I think this will save a lot of time, questions and add-ons

What do you mean with that?

I’m sorry I’m not good at English. I mean the possibility of opening a store with a dedicated domain. For a fee

No worries. I understand now. And as I’ve said. This is in our backlog (on our wish list) and we’re planning to eventually offer this. Unfortunately I cannot give you an exact timeline of when this will be made available.

But you can do a domain forwarding to the link of your shop this does work to any link normally…

We will soon release a somehow fix to this, in combination with our WordPress PlugIn.
But we are still in testing mode.
It´ll be a quick fix - or workaround but a first step.