Design is flipped and off-set in Marketplace, looks fine in account


For a couple of my more recent designs the graphic does not display as I placed it on the shirt. The marketplace image shows the design almost entirely off the shirt and flipped horizontally. The design as originally uploaded is in the same orientation. I flipped it when designing to work better with the text layout.
Is there any way I can fix it without creating an entirely new product?
Will this happen always when I change the image orientation?


Does this still happen? If so, @Alex-Spreadshirt, have you seen this before / lately? :thinking:


These are both newer products. I chose a different design to apply to a product and will see what happens once it is approved. It hasn’t happened with all my recent products so I’m not sure what was different about those two. At the moment I can’t reliably reproduce.


@Sara Nope, never seen this before. I´ll try to reproduce it.


By the time you created these articles, there was a function in the designer to flip it. Right now the designer doesn´t support this functionality anymore and this is now causing your design being shown mispositioned on the marketplace I would kindly ask you to create new articles with the design.