Design keep getting rejected for Design quality

my designs keep getting rejected for design quality, but i dont know whats wrong with them, can somebody please help me? thank you

Hey @User_NA-0a5d5573,

please contact to get an answer on your question. Try to formulate your question detailed to avoid a standard answer. The more information the colleagues get the more specific they can answer.

Make sure the designs are set to 300 ppi in whatever design software you are using, I had the same issue with one of my designs before and that fixed it

Hi, thanks for the advice, I just got multiple rejections on my designs

Iā€™m guessing you meant dpi, should it be exactly 300 or can it be more than that?

Ahoy @Frase_Perfecta,

dpi alone without a size indication means nothing. For example you can have 300dpi on a design that is 3 x 3cm. This design would result in a pixelsize of 354 x 354 px which is far too less.

We therefore advise you to pay attention to the pixel size when creating the image. If you set your workingspace to the recommended pixelsize of 4000px minimum for the largest side you dont need to pay attention to the resolution.

DPI (dots per inch) is only a necessary guide when working with measurements such as centimetres, inches or similar.
However, as soon as you specify pixels directly as the size format, the resolution is irrelevant.

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Got it, thanks for the advice Rico!

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