Design price and CYO pay-out

Hi, I’m relatively new to Spreadshirt (or rather only started being active recently). I actually have two questions that are somewhat related. (Excuse my English it’s not my mother tongue)

1. Design price for CYO
Yesterday I noticed that one of my designs was sold multiple times. On my dashboard, it says “sales channel: Customize Tool” and “Earnings: €0,00” and the retail price varies from €26,99 to €43,82. But it

It was some time ago, so perhaps it was before the switch to the new model. I did make me wonder; Do I get paid when my designs are sold trough the CYO of Spreadshirt or the CYO of someone else’s shop?

PS: I have checked with the CYO of Spreadshirt and my designs do have a design price (at least now).

Which brings me to my second question
2. in shop CYO
In my own shop, I enabled the Create Your Own section and I allow customers to use designs from outside the shop since I don’t have that many designs yet. My question is, if someone would order a product through my shop, but without one of my designs, would I then still get paid? I can also imagine the maker of the design getting the pay. How does this work?

I hope someone can clear this up for me. I could not find this information anywhere.

An additional question (this one is hort don’t worry). What is the difference between free designs and paid designs in the CYO tool? Why are some designs free while others are not?

Ahoy @Mosef_e,

I will try to answer your questions:

  1. Your 0€ Earnings: You have set the designcommission for this design to 0€. Thatswhy you can see it in the sales but you have no earning. After we released the commissionmodel the commission for this design was automatically set to 3€. If you now have sales you will get earnings with it.

2.The designer within your shop: Please contact our colleagues from the dedicated shopforum. They will help you with all shoprelated questions:

  1. Next to the designs from all partners and designers which all are set to 3€ we ourself offer some free designs in addition to fill niches for which there is no content yet and to meet the needs of customers.
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Thank you Rico! That makes things clear. For #2 I’ve asked a question here: question on the spreadshop forum