Designs Disappeared

I haven’t been doing anything to my designs since november and today I got a message from a customer why some designs aren’t available on my shop anymore and I logged into the partnerarea today and A LOT of designs have gone missing for no reason? I didn’t delete them so I have no clue what’s going on, it seems like they went missing in the timeframe of 1-10 december according to to Google’s cache. There doesn’t seem to be any specific pattern on which designs were effected either, it isn’t specific to any shop.

I really hope the designs can be restored as it’s the work of over 10 years using this site!

I think I’m seeing the same thing… :frowning:

Ahoy @kawaiiscene,

End of last year we had a big process running: The Migration to the new PartnerArea. Due to that huge process all Designs that weren’t sold after 1.1.2016 werde deleted. We had to take this step because migrating all millions of million designs wasnt possible so we decided to delete the designs that havent sold within the last 3 years. We informed about that via different channels: email, blog, forum.

The deleted designs included some of my top sellers which sold last year so that’s obviously not it.

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This is about your Shop ID 100151476? I’ll investigate with our developers. Please open a new thread in the Spreadshop Forum. I will be closing this thread since this is a shop only issue :slight_smile: