Disappoited on miigration wasn't done professionally

I have been with Spreadshirt for a long time and after years of hard work and branding the shop on every level from verbiage and information to design selection for specific apparel/ accessories to design and related information in short my shop was basically destroyed after it was migrated. After being in the business and understanding for helping companies migrated to better platforms for their business the impression I got after seeing what was done to my shop was either a novice was given the responsibility to migrated my shop and or the i weren’t dotted or the T crossed before it was done and or after speaking to other outside experts on the Spreadshirt migration it was wasn’t prepared properly before the migration. Not sure how many shops this happen too but I was complete taken back and shocked at what happen to my shop. Basically I have to delete and reenter the information to try and emulate the shop I put so much time, dollars and work in. The big question is HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? What are our options??? This wasn’t done very well and I’m sure my shop wasn’t the only one. Help!

Can you be a little more specific with the issues you’re encountering (also posting links etc.) We’d be happy to help you out with any questions you might have :slight_smile:
We realize this change demands a lot of our shop owners but we wouldn’t have done it if we really believed (and our numbers have prooven this) that the partner area helps you in a much advanced way to achieve more sales.

Dear Lena,

It’s not what I am encountering it what was done to my SHOP after the migration! It only helps if the migration was done close to what a correct migration should have be done or performed. If you look at my shop example (Inspired By Greatness) before the migration you clearly would have understood why this migration was done without backup first so the transfer was close to seamless and the actual shop is moved properly with its information and products etc. Basically my shop was ruin and I was taken back on how much branding and design information was deleted from the shop. I am still trying to come to the understanding on how this could have actually occurred. This was done from my perspective and others that I have spoken in the field unprofessionally and without any concern for moving the products, information and branding related to the shops seamlessly and correctly. The impression they got from what happen was that it scraped the shop and piece meal the migration to do it quickly. Not sure how many shop have the same problem but FYI I really do understand the process and how it should have happen because I worked in technology for one of the originally big three and have engaged, consulted and migrated many projects for some of the biggest companies in World. I have many consumers shocked after they review my shop after the migration as well. Not sure how many unhappy shop owner you have after this migration. My understanding was that this was done first in Europe and Asia so all the bugs and kinks should have been worked out but fact they weren’t and this was rushed. Not sure how may unhappy shop owners you have after this migration but I’m assume quite a bit.

Please SEE THE INSPIRED BY GREATNESS SHOP BEFORE IF IT WAS BACKED UP PROPERLY AND AFTER so you have a better understanding for my frustration. I now have to delete basically all the designs and information so that I can reenter it properly for what was worked on for many years to establish the correct informational appearance and branding for my shop. The damage the migration team did to my shop cannot be put correctly into words. See the shop before the migration and then get back to me what can possibly be done to correct this poorly done migration. WOW I’m surprised you did not look at the shop information before “if it was backed up properly” and the after results. I’m not sure who you used to do the migration but clearly they were either truly incompetent or they used new developers to do the project or it was done on purpose or really did not know how to correctly do a migration to a new platform. Not sure which one but it was done unquestionably poorly. Let me know your thoughts after you really have looked at the before Inspired By Greatness shop so we can basically have a plan on how it might be fixed if not at all.

Lastly, it great to have a much more advance way to increase sales etc. but if the work that was put in before was basically overlooked as an afterthought you lose all the value it potentially could be for branding, sales and related information that was established over time. You can’t put a price value on that unfortunate fact. HELP PLEASE!

Very Disappointed Long Time Spreadshirt Partner

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Ditto. Agree. Also work in technology/data/websites/eCommerce.

Spreadshirt will continue to answer with questions to avoid actual answers because those gifted with moderating this forum I don’t think understand it well enough to answer such questions besides forwarding you to some sort of “self-help” post, video or forum read. Those are only answers for moving forward, not fixing what was in existence and undone.

Real answer seems to be nobody really understood what this change would do to shops. We are now (for those who really put some TLC into their shops) scrambling to fix things.

I had a ‘customer’ accuse me of scamming them through Facebook. I don’t see any orders for that shop, actually I don’t show any orders for that shop since December 2018 and now I’m concerned something happened back then that I missed. The shop is up and running and appears to be working fine. That shop didn’t get a lot of sales, but I had regular sales through the end of December 2018.

The only shops I see that still get sales are ones I do not forward to my own domains, so either I’m making sales and not getting commission from my own domains because of some tracking break in the shopping cart links, or something else disconnected. Feverishly trying to fix my hosted domain/shops.

Will update if I find anything helpful and do some actual order testing to make sure I haven’t been cut out of commissions for the past year due to a technical glitch I missed. Only ‘Safe’ thing for now seems to be using the actual spreadshirt shop/domain/url and embedding the shop with an iframe which as most of us know is not a best practice.

@Tutkahnkuchacka Have you tried to buy an item from your shop to see if any commissions are generated? I wasn’t happy with the migration, and reading your message has me even more concerned since I prefer to have my shops on my own domains.

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