Dropship other’s designs in Shopify

Hi, I know there’s a way to integrate Spreadshirt’s POD services into Shopify, but I can’t seem to connect my spreadshop products and have them populate into Shopify. Am I just missing something? What I’m essentially trying to do is to dropship other designers designs through my online store to expand my product line outside of my own designs. Any way to do this? Thanks!

@ClaudiaSchindela :slight_smile:


sorry for the late reply!

So there is currently no migration feature from Spreadshirt to the SPOD App of Shopify. As both product systems are very different this will need further work and discovery.

As for your question in hosting other then your own designs - with the SPOD App you can upload your own designs as well as using a library of 50k+ designs. There is currently no option to use the Spreadshirt Marketplace designs.


Can you please tell me more about the library of 50k+ designs?

Hi Mousie,

We have 50k+ designs that are free for you to use to create products, in a huge range of topics. If you install SPOD, when creating products you have a search bar for the free designs that can be used.

Is there anything else you would like to know?