End of Flex/Flock Printing


Hello! Spreadshirt Europe just stopped to do plotting (flex/flock) and changed to digital direct only. In their forum they mentioned that in the US this will also be the case soon (2018). Is there any information already when you are going to end Flex/Flock Printing? Thank You.


No, unfortunately the details are still unclear. We will inform you via the newsletter & the blog once there is a timeline and more information.


Although I can see how the average person may not like the flex/flock for a basic tee… it has its benefits… like glitter and glow in the dark and pressing on things you can’t digital direct on… and color changing on designs in designer!!! :smiley:

Although digital direct has been working okay for me also… maybe if the color change ability stayed with digital direct on vector designs and keeping specialty flex… I would be okay with it.

PLEASE give us a heads up IF this is going to happen…


Of course, we will keep you up-to-date on any potential changes!


Really not happy about this because in my opinion the digital direct sucks! The colors are not as vivid and you can’t do specialty prints like glitter and neon.


How do I convert my current flex products to digital direct without having to remove and replace the designs? I put a lot of effort into properly positioning and sizing them on the shirts. Thanks!


It’s not really a matter of opinion though, factually digital direct does not “suck” - it’s a great, fast and economic printing method with lots of advantages and only a few limitations.

Is it different to plotting? Yes, very much so. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. One is not better than the other, they have very different and distinct characteristics. Not the mention the differences in production / speed etc!

If you only have designs that are very specifically suitable for plotting, and / or are looking for the specific look & feel of plot printing, I understand that Digital Direct might not seem ideal. Still though, I would recommend for you to maybe order a few test prints to try out the quality :slight_smile:


Are flex & flock really gone or not?
Why does the Spreadshirt site still allow me to put flex & flock vector designs on the front of a t-shirt and then it also allows me to create the product???


There still may be some products that are not printable with Digital Direct printing methods. Therefore we kept the foil process for some of these.


The digital direct can be crappy if Spreadshirt does not do a good job of quality control checking! I received a few items printed on dark shirts that seemingly did not get the white under print done first (if this is still done - I’m not 100% sure) and they came out very dull. I have had issues with the sublimation on mugs also. I think the printing processes are okay, but Spreadshirt needs to watch their quality control better.

I still feel vector graphics/vinyl pressing kept Spreadshirt apart from places like Zazzle and CafePress… it would be a shame to see it go completely.

So sad something that built a company is being eliminated for “higher efficiency and lower costs” even though it seems “spreadsters” are making less money than ever with spreadshirt… still seeing a lot of complaints… my sales got a little better recently but still only probably 25% of what they used to be when I was doing well with mostly all vector graphics and flex/flock printing.

Vector graphics also separated the “designers” who are uploading entire databanks of clip art. I hope they continue to allow vector graphics since the colors can be adjusted to fit the color item it is on.


Yep, exactly what Tut said :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if there is information right now on the status of flex printing in the USA?

Old timer here, I’ve been with SP since 2006. I really hope that flex gets preserved, even if you charge more or create limitations on the use of it. I realize it doesn’t have the economy of scale that SP needs these days… but it’s a great printing method, totally saturated colours and I’ve had customers tell me the shirt fell apart before the print did :). This was/is something that nobody else POD offers to this quality and scale and really differentiates the shirts.


Sooo… any information right now on the status of flex printing in the USA? thanks!


The latest update was posted here https://www.spreadshirt.com/blog/2018/08/31/going-digital-print-areas-understand-the-impact/

Our long-term plan is still to go 100% digital. There are still some products that cannot be printed in DD. Therefore it’s printed in Flex.

In the new partner area (where you’ll be upgraded to this year around summer/fall) you cannot choose the printing method and by default it’s always printed in DD (unless it’s a product that cannot be printed in DD or it’s a print area - sleeves are for example not DD printable yet - that cannot handle DD yet).


Very unfortunate. Wish this were still being offered at least as a niche item for stuff like glitter or flock etc.
As the others have stated, I have concerns about what’s differentiating SP from other printers.


Have to agree with many of the others here. The quality of the flex printing and handling of vector files is what originally brought me to the site. Now, there’s no benefit to using SS.
This directly affects the quality of my products and my brand, I’ll have to look for another quality vendor.


Unfortunately, I only use the flex print for all my designs and I stay away from the digital because it isn’t as durable as flex. Also I heavily use glitter and metallic prints.

Will the flex option be available for bulk orders? If so then I’ll have to order bulk only and shutter my partner store. If not, then I’ll have to close the store and find a new place for my designs.

If I wanted to just make only digital print tees, I could go Merch by that company named after a rain forest in South America.


When will Flex printing no longer be available? Has a date been set yet for US shops?


I’m definitely going to miss the glow-in-the-dark option. :frowning:


The option won’t be available as soon as all our products will be digitally printable.
As soon as you’ll be migrated to the new partner area you won’t have any options to choose your printing method.