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I was wondering if I can create a spreadsheet of all my products. I would like to create a xl or csv file of all the products in my shop. Please advise.

my contact email is:

Thank you!

Hiya, unfortunately not… could you elaborate though, what information exactly you’d like to exctract from such a spreadsheet, what info you’d want to be included and what would you use this information for? Thanks!

If you’re a programmer and depending on your knowledge, you may utilize the API and request https://api.spreadshirt.net/api/v1/users/USER-ID/articles?fullData=true and write the results into an excel spreadsheet.


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Could you answer these questions? :wink: I’m genuinely curious.

Well, no, I can’t answer your questions, but the question of the topic starter.

Just to clarify: as the two are related… I made a leap in thinking that you may have had some additional insights!

I apologise for this assumption. Thanks for your contribution though! :slight_smile:

This is a request we get irregularily regularily - and we don’t really know the motivation behind it. I hope to learn it eventually…

I came to the forum looking for this exact answer as I wanted to have an export of all products in a csv file. @Sarah, while I can’t speak for the OP’s reasoning, for me at least it is to be able to run product/design specific retargeting and cart abandonment targeting campaigns.

When I go to a product page (embedded into my site), I can see the unique IDs for that product, design and color of the product in the URL so this data is definitely there, it’s just a matter of exposing it in a way that’s usable. I wasn’t aware of the API but I’m going to try that based on @Lovetee’s suggestion.

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I you need a start, you might start with following: https://www.spreadshirt.net/forum/t/utilisation-curl-et-php-fonctionne-plus-depuis-maj-de-api/1451/51
Let me know if you need assistance.

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Alright, thanks a lot for your reply! :slight_smile:

So, we are actually working on product feeds that would let you do that, at least on some platforms.

I also found out that some people have found copying the RSS-feed from Google Chrome helpful, not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for though…

Example with my shop, if you open the following link with Chrome:


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Was this feature announced somewhere? Never heard of it, great improvement!


Shhhhh… it will be soon :wink:

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Hey Sara, that rss feed url is coming back empty now. Was it removed? I’m curious to see how it looks and what info is available.

It’s a beta-version so it might well be that there’s some additional work on it. It should be officially released this month though - we’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

Thanks Sara - actually looks like it was an issue with using Firefox to view the rss link, it works just fine in Chrome. I did notice one other thing though which is not all of my products are in that feed. For example, none of the accessories are listed in there. Not sure if that’s expected or not but wanted to point it out.
Also, is it possible to add the internal Spreadshirt category the products belong to?

Here’s the modified link for my shop.

Oh yeah, afaik it doesn’t really work with anything else than Chrome… for now at least. It’s in beta, so patience :wink:

Regarding the missing accessories - I’d have to get back to you tomorrow / Friday.

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Checked with our devs - not intended! Thanks for the bug reporting, we’re on it :wink:

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing it fixed and updated :slight_smile:

Hey Sara, any update on when the update might be out or when this will be out of beta?
Also another question/request :slight_smile: is it possible to add in the Spreadshirt category name? The Google category doesn’t really help in trying to view the data by a single category (for example: Mens > Hoodies).

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We’ve planned the release before the end of the month. So not long anymore!

I’ll ask about the category name :slight_smile:

To bad none of the links in this RSS feed work for embedded shops.

Try following one of the links in this feed: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/cardvibes/products.rss

The links are in the <g:link> tag. This is an example: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/cardvibes/magic+christmas+with+a+unicorn-A109340230?appearance=648&productType=812&size=102&color=605E5E

It just redirects to the homepage of the shop. Not to the specific product page. This makes the RSS feeds absolutely useless for embedded shops and damaging to SEO.

It would be nice if someone could look into that…

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