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Will do! As said, it’s still in beta so feedback is appreciated.

To be honest. The biggest problem in this case isn’t with the feed, but with the way the url’s are redirected in the Spreadshop.

The example url: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/cardvibes/magic+christmas+with+a+unicorn-A109340230?appearance=648&productType=812&size=102&color=605E5E
used to redirect to the right embedded product page:

But somehow this stopped working a while ago. Since the Spreadshop isn’t in Beta, but live for all Spreadshop owner’s, I would suggest a speedy fix.

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Little birdie has told me today that we have a release going out tomorrow where this is taken into account: Shop Owners with an embedded shop will also be able to use the product feed.

Thanks for your feedback & please let us know how it works!

Hi @sara,

I had a look and it works partially which is nice.

The feed is corrected and has the right url’s for an embedded shop. Redirecting old, original shop url’s to the right embedded shop url still doesn’t work.

In the past, when you shared a product on social media, it was shared with the ‘shop.spreadshirt.com…’ url. This was no problem because all these url’s correctly redirected to the embedded shop url’s. Now that this redirecting has stopped working, all previously shared products are rendered useless.

Have a look at this pin: https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/208643395220624746/

People following the link end up on the homepage of my shop, and not on the productpage they wanted to see. Very bad for conversion I would think.

It would be nice if some little birdie would fix this soon… :wink:

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It’s forwarded and our developers are currently looking into a solution to this issue.

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The improvement to the redirect has been implemented and will be live with the next big release on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience and thanks a lot for bringing it up!


I just saw the email stating the product feed is live, and I see it in my shop’s settings but the URL doesn’t work and is giving a 500 server error. I checked to see if the url from my shop’s setting was the same as I previously used (further up in this thread) and it is the same so seems like an issue on SS’s end.

I’m curious to see if the category and URL changes made it in with this release so would love to see this working.


As far as I know - this issue should be fixed by now… is this true in your case? All working as intended?

No @Sara, I’m sorry but this is not fixed, here is a Firefox screenshot

And here a Google Chrome screenshot


I would love to be able to use this feature so I really appreciate it if you can let us know when is fixed.

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Ohhh, there’s a problem for sure! :beetle: :persevere: I’ll pass all this forward, thanks for reporting!

Can you guys confirm that these issues no longer happen? Is it all good?

Hi @Sara,

The 500 error is gone. In Google Chrome is working, you can see clearly the feed data, but not in Mozilla Firefox, which is a real pity since at least in my case I almost never use Chrome, not even in my android cellphone, I always use Firefox, because Chrome has some serious memory usage issues and the latest version of Firefox is the best ever in that aspect. But, the important thing is that the sites that are going to consume that data are able to read it, and at least in facebook I can confirm that it can be read.

The only thing that kind of worries me a little bit is that the feed is only returning t-shirts, at least that was the only thing that facebook read from it, but none of the other products. Is there a reason for this?

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This does sound weird, and we are on it!

I imagine it’s related to this:

Hey @Leo_Panzardo - this should be fixed now! Check it out again?

Yes @Sara, it seems to be showing all products now, at least the feed has 4104 items on it and weights 3.75MB in total so I guess all the products are there, I will not check each and every variation of my products :stuck_out_tongue: it’s enough for me to have seen things other than premiun t-shirts on it :slight_smile:



Good good :slight_smile: And thanks for reporting! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. This was reported also elsewhere but your message slipped through my fingers :frowning: