Feature request: Add additional products from template

I love the template feature. It has saved me hours and hours of time.

But is seems that it’s only of benefit when I first create products for a design. After that I’m stuck manually adding each new product to a design, unless I want to apply a whole new template and spend lots of time tailoring even previously-tailored products to the design again.

I’d love to see an “Add” or “Merge” button in addition to an “Apply” button for templates. When I click this button for a template, the products of the template get added to the existing list of products for the design, instead of replacing the entire list.

If a product found in the added template already exists for the design, you could ask whether to replace all such pre-existing products, replace all but pre-existing products, or cancel the merge. Or just warn that existing products will be replaced and ask for confirmation, though I prefer the former method because it prevents me from proliferating temporary templates that lack conflicting products.

This would have saved me hours of time this morning. Here’s what I was doing:

I started with a 11 drawings each having about 4 color variations. That’s 11*4 = 44 uploaded designs. The color variations of a drawing all print at the same size. Most of the drawings of a design use the same default product colors and have the same product color exclusions, but there are a number of exceptions. Each design already had about a dozen products.

I wanted to add 3 products to each design – the same 3 products across all designs. So for each of the 44 designs I manually added the 3 products, sized the design as required by the particular drawing, selected the default product colors, and excluded some product colors, according to the design color.

Had I instead added the 3 products to just one design for a drawing, created a template for the new product list, and then applied this template to each of the subsequent designs of the drawing, I would have lost my per-design default colors and color exclusions.

Were there an option to add or merge a template, I could have created one template for the 3 new products for one design and merged that into the product lists of the 4 designs for that drawing. I would then only need to tweak the defaults and exclusions in these new products.

Moreover, I could then create my merge template for the next drawing from the merge template for the prior drawing, instead of having to re-select the products again. I will have only selected the new products once for all 44 designs! I would have sized the new products only 11 times – once for each drawing.

That would have saved me so much time this morning. It would save me tons of time trying to maintain my product offerings in the future.

Thanks for considering my request!

UPDATE #1: The only weird thing about using templates to merge is that you’d have to upload the same design twice: once for your salable products, and once to create the temporary merging template. Once you’ve got a merge template set up for the design, you could go to the upload that has the salable products for merging. When you’re done, you can delete both the duplicate design and the merging template.

UPDATE #2: It would be easiest for us to allow for selecting a subset of the products of a design and then selecting an action for the selected products, that action being either to delete the selection or create a template from the selection.