Feature request: Default product names to Spreadshirt's product names

I have lots of products in my product list and would like to give the user help understanding the differences between all the shirts.

All I need is for each shirt to include the product name that Spreadshirt gives to it, like “Men’s T” or “Women’s Premium T.”

Right now it seems that I have to manually transfer these names to each product.

It would be nice if I could check a checkbox somewhere to have these names default to the Spreadshirt product name. It would save me a lot of time!

Hey there,

many thanks for adding this idea! But I am not sure if I got you right. We are already adding product names to the titles, besides your design title.

Please confirm, in case this was’t the answer you were searching for


Curious. Then I must be doing something wrong. I attached a screenshot of what I’m getting and another of how I got it.



Also, I really don’t want the design name also appearing below. That’s going to make product names harder to spot, especially because I’m planning to only ever have one design appear across all products on any page (on my custom site).

Ah! I see! We´re talking legacy account!
Unfortunately we’re no longer releasing feature improvements to that system as we are busy with transition preparations to the recent system.

But anyway:

  1. in case you are publishing the product to the Marketplace too and keep the product title empty, a default product name will later be added for each article. But it is not to my full knowledge, if the design title isn´t pulled & published too. In that case your example would look like this: Design Title - Men’s Premium T-Shirt + Design Title - Women´s T-Shirt

I´d rather go for this one:

  1. if you´re not publishing on the MP, you´ll need to do this manually. Therefore I’d propose to filter for each product type category and paste a meaningful product title into each name field.
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Okay thank you. I found this page explaining some of the differences between the old account and the new, including that I’d need to register under a different email address to get a new account.

I’ve been redoing my store from scratch, so there’s an opportunity for me to start over with a new account, though I was hoping to get it all done today.

However, I’m creating my own web site and using spread_shop_config to embed the Spreadshirt shop and basket, querying for products of a single design. I’m also using Spreadshirt APIs to get the basket couint. Can I expect all that to still work?

This is the point, where I need to say: I´m sure :smiley:

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Wow, the new user interface is really nice! Things that were so time-consuming and so much trouble before are now easy and fast!

So far one thing is annoying me. I keep track of the tags for all of my designs in a text file. I previously could just copy-and-paste these tags into the Spreadshop tag field. Now I have to manually delete each suggested tag prior to doing so. It sure would be nice to have one button to clear the tag field all at once.

I would like to be able to withhold the design name from the product thumbnail and just show the product name. That’s because I’m embedding the Spreadshirt shop on my own web site that only ever shows a single design on a page at a time, so the design name is redundant and makes the product names hard to scan.

For now, to deal with this, I’m naming all of my designs with two or three letter codes. For example, “Alone in Nature” becomes “AIN” so the thumbnail reads “AIN - Men’s Premium T-Shirt.”

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For now, to deal with this, I’m naming all of my designs with two or three letter codes. For example, “Alone in Nature” becomes “AIN” so the thumbnail reads “AIN - Men’s Premium T-Shirt.”

Never mind. I can’t do that because the design name needs to appear in the shopping cart and on the invoice. Poo.

So I’m officially changing this feature request into a request for a switch for turning off display of the design name in products, at least when a shop queries for only the products of a particular design (startToken: "?q=I<design-ID>").

Have you seen that bulk tag or price editing is possible, after selecting several designs?
From there you can simply add OR delete specific tags per design.

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Have you seen that bulk tag or price editing is possible, after selecting several designs?

I’ve been using this too and I’m not sure which approach is more annoying.

The situation is that I’ve got all my tags for each product in a text file. And virtually all of the 1 to 15 tags Spreadshirt suggests are not relevant. Sometimes hilariously irrelevant! You guys make me work to delete your tags before I can put mine in.

To replace the tags during the upload process, I have to put the cursor in the tag field, backspace until all the tags are deleted, and then paste my list. It would be easier if I could put the cursor in the field, Ctrl-A to highlight all the tags, and then paste my new list. It would be even easier if you gave me a “Clear Tags” button.

To replace the tags in bulk fashion, I have to click on all of the tags Spreadshirt pre-assigned to all of the designs (except for duplicates of those tags), click to remove those tags, paste my new set of tags, and click to add them. I’m probably clicking 40 or 50 times to remove your tags. Also, if the site happened to suggested fewer than 3 tags on upload, I have to enter tags on upload anyway. The bulk page would be vastly easier with a “Clear Tags” button to clear them out with one click, but that still leaves the intermittent too-few-tags-on-upload problem.

I think this remains the one feature I’m not happy with. You’re spoiling me with the rest of the user interface.