Foreign Sales & Fees

According to your Help Article “… your Marketplace designs are not only offered in the country in which you are registered. They are automatically offered on our platform’s other Marketplaces (USA, Canada, French-speaking Canada and Australia) …” However, my stuff does not show up anywhere other than in my shop and I want to make sure if someone orders from one of those markets they don’t get killed on shipping fees.

This is a new concern for me. I suddenly got stuff released overseas and have been asked.

Hey @User_NA-7e34f943,

you have to distinguish between the two sales channels Shop & Marketplace. The Help Article refers to the marketpace.And for your designs to be approved for the marketplace, they must meet different requirements than your shop. Designs in the marketplace must always be interesting to a majority of people and therefore may not have any personal or advertising elements, company logos etc.
Your designs are not approved for the marketplace, so they are not available on the other marketplaces as well.
Nevertheless, customers from these countries can order your products - if they visit your shop.
But you are responsible for promoting your shop.
For all questions about your shop, however, the colleagues in the shop forum are available to help you with advice and support: