Free designs market



Who puts the fee designs in the MARKET PLACE? Is it other artists or are the designs


Spreadshirt does that.


I was told that designers or artists put the free designs on the MARKET PLACE
not Spreadshirt. Is that right or wrong?


No there is definitely a user that has been uploading hundreds of free designs. Spreadshirts designs are labeled spreadshirt but there are other free designs showing up as uploaded by some users.

Personally I think users who soak the design marketplace with free designs should be banned from uploading to the marketplace. There’s no good reason to do such a thing. I’m not blaming spreadshirt as I think they have the right to upload desings to their own marketplace how they see fit but why would a normal user flood the place with free designs?


I agree there should be NO FREE DESIGNS. Spreadshirt should have a
minimum required for designs. If there are so many free designs why should
a person designing for profit continue using Spreadshirt? I looked under the
category MARKET PLACE CUPCAKES there are so many free (good designs)
why should I bother with designs.


Futhermore, if Spreadshirt has FREE designs they are still making their
profit and having FREE DESIGNS keeps customer coming back because
they do not have to pay a little extra for picking a design that has a price tag.
So Spreadshirt has a reason for keeping this practice and not supporting
designers for add a price tag.