Front of zip hoodie wont accept any size graphic upload?

Designing a zip hoodie for my staff, but it will not accept any upload to the front area

Ahoy @User_NA-906313ae,

if you want to place a design on front of a zip hoodie it needs to be a vectorfile. So you need to upload an svg or an ai-file.

Let me know if this helped.

Best Rico

Unfortunately, it seems every type of .svg file try doesnt end up being compatible with the front zip hoodies anymore. Ive had some work in the past, but even doing those same designs have stopped working also. I’m at a loss with what i can use

Ahoy @The_M-Balm_Effect,

could you provide a screeshot of your design or the designID you uploaded to your account - so I can check whats going on. Does your file meet our requirements for flexprint?
You will find the requirements here: