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Hi, I’ve just configured Google Analytics with my new shop and I’m monitoring it real time. Doesn’t mater what page/product I visit, Google Analytics always shows the Active Page as “/”. I can not see access to other pages even tho they trigger a visit to the shop from other pages, it always shows as “/”.

The shop is embedded in a site using my domain and the Spreadshirt code is the only thing in the html. I remember this used to work in my old Spreadshirt shop (also embedded) and I could see access to all the different pages/products.

Am I missing something?Active%20Page

For those having this problem with embedded sites. I found this article which fixed the issue:

Add the parameter usePushState to the script and set it to true. Now GA picks up each page access,


Thank you very much for sharing the information @Trentee
I’ve tried to set usePushState true , The product page opens through the link successfully and I noticed the change of the URL format , But when I refresh the page or use the URL in another browser, the error 404 appears
Does this happen with you?

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Unfortunately i just realized I have the same problem. If I add usePushState, google analytics works but now the URLs without the hashtag do not work if typed in the browser and gives a 404. I found out when testing the products uploaded to Google Merchant Center and seeing the links did not work.

I might be wrong but I think my old embedded shop used to work fine in Google Analytics and I don’t remember using usePushState on it.

Someone from Spreadshirt please take a look into this. Is it possible to make Google Analytics work with an embedded shop showing access to each individual page without using usePushState? If I have to use usePushState, what are the changes needed in .htaccess? The article mentioned it but without details. Is that whats going to fix the 404?

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Sorry, we´ve been away for some days due to conferences and some offline events.
But now we are fully back to support you here.

Have you tried using the “Behavior” reports instead already? You’ll find them below.
The behavior flow chart is able to provide you information about how your visitors are moving within your website & shop.

While realtime reports make sense when having actual & significant traffic, the general behavior chart is even more valuable.
Let me know if this helped you.

p.s. the PushState solution is only for advanced users and should not be touched in case you are not experienced with htaccess settings.
There you’ll also recieve bounce rate indicators