Google Merchant Center Feed Disapproved - No Tax or Shipping Information In Feed


I (User ID: Xzendor7) recently opened a new Spreadshop (Shop ID: 100541406) to take advantage of the new features that have been added to the backend.

I uploaded some 60+ designs and the system created products for each design.

Then after two days I went to the Advanced Settings and grabbed the Product Feed Link and submitted it to the Google Merchant Center (GMC for the rest of the post).

The GMC tool then scanned the feed and reported that it had located 5001 products and that I was missing tax and shipping information; thus the feed was disapproved.

I would like to know what is the procedure for adding this information, either within the feed or through the GMC which has separate options for Taxes and Shipping and what values are required.

Thank You

Hey there!

thanks for the detailed informations. This really helps understading your issues with the GMC.
Solving that matter is pretty easy:

Simly add one Standard Shipping method plus it´s pricing tiers to your GMC account settings. It´s really easy to set up!
You´ll find the pricing for domestic shipping here:

Unfortunately I am not familiar with US Tax regulations. Therefore I´d suggest to do a little google research or ask a local tax advisor.

Thanks Thomas - I set up the shipping and no errors were generated.

I’ll contact customer support on US side and ask them for a state list in which they charge taxes and add those to the tax section in the Google Merchant Center; then I’ll re-fetch and see what happens, and post the results.

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These are the steps I used to enter the Shipping Rates and Taxes

Used fixed rate and added a spread of shipping charges from Spreadshirt from the following page as suggested by Thomas

Selected Configure tax and set up nexus; then added each state. Google adds the tax rate for each state, city, county where applicable

So This part now is working properly - Still being disapproved because there is no size data in feed. I’ll add a new thread for this though

hey there!

A size warning should not lead to a disaproval. There are several distinctions between the warnings, which are important to be known:
Red warnings are critical and require to be fixed, to avoid disapprovals.

Yellow warnings are not stopping the feed from working. They may indicate errors that limit the full functionality for some features. The “size” is not mandatory for Google Product Listing Ads.

Blue warnings are from an informational character and indicate minor issues.

But maybe you can add a screenshot of your diagnosis page?

GMC has disapproved 4745 of the 5082 products in the feed, due to lack of size information, for the “Shopping Ads or Surfaces across Google”; which I wanted to star ad campaigns for.

But I’ll wait, another week to see what happens as only Caps, Smartphone Cases and some Aprons have been approved; but no mugs even though they are in the feed.

The product feed doesn’t compile everything in a shop; as there are no bags, mouse pads, pillowcases in the feed for my even though the products are in the store. Is there a way to remedy this?

Can you please send me a PN with some informations/articles/ that refer to this disapproval-behavior? Any screenshots would be great too.

Here´s my feed diagnostics report as an example:

As of today the product feed supports the “size”-attribute by delivering a default size.
Any feedback is appreciated! :slight_smile:

I am also searching for google merchan but I have problems when I start running ads. google has informed me that I have violated the Misrepresentation of self or product policy and locked my merchant account. I want to know more information and find a way to solve it so that there is no violation of google policy

Hey there!

The red boxed error message indicates that you tried listing your products in both countries, Vietnam & the United States. This is not allowed with a standard Google Merchant Center account.

Short tip:
The standard GMC account is not accepting more than 1 shipping destination. The shipping destination may not differ from your shop`s country.
e.g if your shop is registered for Vietnam, you should only set up the Merchant Center details for Vietnam (Shipping Informations etc)

Delete the country details, that are not matching your unique shop country.
Then contact Google again, regarding your account.

If you want to market your products in various countries, you will need to request a “multi-client account” from Google.
Please visit:
Your current Merchant Center account will become a subdivision of the new multi-client account.
Once your new account is confirmed, you can create additional shipping regions in line with your current Merchant Center account.

In general I’d suggest always to get in contact with GMC Service at first. They will tell you what caused a suspension and what needs to be done, to fix this.