Google products feed with an embedded shop? Feed missing size attribute and more?



I’m trying to use the google products feed in the google merchant center with an embedded shop and a redirect to that embedded shop. However, I am getting errors such as:
Invalid value [ads redirect]
Missing value [shipping]
Missing value [size]
Missing value [tax]
Invalid value [size]

For the Invalid value [ads redirect] issue, I thought maybe I needed to add a “/” on the end of my domain, so i switched it from to (mydomain .com#!/ became mydomain .com/#!/) but that did not fix it. I think google does not like the “#!” characters your embed script puts into the URL?

The images were pulled, product names and colors were pulled, etc. But size is not included in the product feed at all.

Am I missing something here or does the feed no longer work?


Hey KewlFunny!

Indeed the value “size” is not supported by us, yet. BETA tests have shown that adding the attribute to any available product increases feed file sizes & leads to loading errors for shops with a lot of products.
We decided to rather get the feed stable and available for everyone.
The Merchant Center is handling missing size attributes only as a minor error, therefore you can ignore this warning.

Nevertheless you are able to run Shopping & Search Network campaigns on Google Ads.
Note: Articles without a size attribute are just excluded from

Google´s price comparison page (see screenshot)

For the shipping value, I highly recommend to manually enter at least one standard shipping price gear from our shop help page over here:

The tax thingy can probably be solved too, by entering the correct case in the tax settings of the Merchant Center

Merchant Center Menue with Shipping & Tax Settings:


Thanks for the informatiion. What about the “Invalid value [ads redirect]” error? Is that because I’m embedding the shop and is there any way to fix that error with an embedded shop?


mh. I am not sure about the error details behind this message from Google.
As I maintain an embedded shop too, but never recieved this kind of error.
But I need to say that Google is a bit oversensitive with everyone´s feeds. Forums are full of people asking for error messages. I guess there´s no marketing department that ever had a feed up, that did not come with a minor percentage of google warnings. :smiley:

but seriously, you should follow the information Google gives you or try to re-fetch the feed once again.