Has anyone successfully setup Google shopping ads for their products? I need help!


I’m trying to add my products to Google shopping ads but this is proving to be very challenging. I was able to manage to get my products loaded up to Merchant Center but I am not sure if this will successfully process since status from Merchant center says pending but the linked Ad account says the listing is disapproved.

What I find odd is that I cannot find much information about how to work around these issues from the forum. I thought setting up Google shopping ads would be a very, very common requirement for running your own shop, no? I must be missing something here.
How are you guys advertising your own shop products??


Hey there!

can you provide us a screenshot of your current Merchant Center Diagnosis Page?
Afterwards we can help you to proceed :slight_smile:


Thanks for checking but it seems like the issue is just delay in data flow between merchant center and google ads account. Roughly half of my products became active in merchant cetner on day5 and about half of that is ready to go in Ads center now so I just need to wait a bit more it looks like.


ah! yes. this delay is sometimes a bugger but good to hear that it finally worked out for you :slight_smile: