Having trouble seeing images in spreadshop. Posted in spreadshirt forum because my SpreadShop forum account is under review

Going to start this out with a compliment, and I apologize in advance if any of this seems toxic! Not meant to be, but definitely frustrated right now at the least - SpreadShirt/SpreadShop’s support team does an absolutely amazing job. Period. Response times, politeness, etc. All of it.

With that being said, i’m having an issue where images aren’t loading in my SpreadShop either. Every support representative has told me the same exact thing…

“Looks fine on our end!” (And then normally some sort of instruction on how to reset my personal browser settings/clear cookies/whatever instructions it is that they say to do.)

I’m always left speechless at that response. Not only may your (SpreadShirt/SpreadShop) computers/devices be optimized for your own site, but the point is that I’m not personally able (and in my case, most/all of my friends & relatives) to the convenience of accessing images of my Spreadshirt designs on my mobile device, my mom’s mobile device, grandma’s Windows 98 PC, my cats Roku Stick - whatever.

I’ve attached a file of what I PERSONALLY see on my PERSONAL phone and laptop. My cat might be able to see it all fine on his Roku stick, but the majority of the time, it’s not accessible by average consumers/people interested in buying merch. Odds are whatever “default browser settings” I have, my average customers who may be interested in merch probably have on their device the same way. I don’t want my personal browser settings fixed. I want the platform to be optimized for all devices, and I’m not sure what the difference is on my browser settings between me being able to go to a Shopify or Printful and see their images just fine, but it’s “my fault” that SpreadShop specifically won’t load any of the images because I haven’t optimized browser settings. I love the heck out of you guys, and you’ve got a super user-friendly interface that even my grandpa could operate. This is the ONLY problem I’ve ever had with SpreadShirt consistently, and I’m personally kind of tired of hearing the “It’s your fault! It’s your browsers fault!” response.

(P.S. Apologies for going full keyboard warrior, and hopefully, the cat joke took some tension off of the whole situation. I promise I’m not eaten up about it, although it seems like it, I just don’t understand why sites like Shopify and Printful are able to load their images completely fine, regardless of your default browser settings. Thanks for your time y’all, and thanks for coming to my ted talk! Hopefully, I can get a bit of clarity! You’re all great.)


Hey @Uptown_Virtual_Reali

Apparently you typed too fast and that’s why the forum system automatically blocked you… it’s the first time i see this and I unblocked you :smiley: so you’re free to post in the spreadshop forum now!

Anyways, sorry for the frustration you are facing. Can you please tell me which device you are using, and which browser version? Also, the images generally do not load or do they load once you refresh the page? Thanks for letting us know a few details! Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, I’d be happy if you could reply to this in the spreadshop forum so we keep all things shop in the Spreadshop Forum: https://www.spreadshop.com/forum/

Also, if you could tell us whether this problem only occurs in your partner area or in your shop as well?