Hoodie print area changed over night! WTF?



Before you could put your design anywhere on the hoodie, I mean within reason, from left to right, top to bottom just above the pocket. Now… you LITERALLY have a TINY little area?? Is this really the case?? What about ALL the other previous hoodies for sale that need a larger area. I have a LOT of stuff selling that need more area. That is pathetic. I mean you can’t read Anything that will go in that area, yet Tshirts get the entire damn shirt. Spreadshirt… you’re KILLING your stores!! STOP HURTING US PLEASE!!!

Update: Noticed ALL the hoodies, Premium and otherwise, allow you to print on the entire hoodie, but the cheaper one (26.00) does NOT! They JUST changed this! Please look into this spreashirt!! Only the cheaper hoodies offer a lot of colors that most people want, not the premium. You can’t offer to print on the entire hoodie of every hoodie and NOT on the cheaper! It’s simply the area my god. Updated this immediately, you are seriously killing shops over this. Of course you can print on the entire front of the hoodie. WTF is going on over there??? It even states when you select this hoodie “Please do not place your design over the seams and openings of the front pocket. These areas cannot be printed.” Well you LITERALLY only give a 6" x 6" area on the hoodie now?? YOU CANT PUT ANY DESIGN IN THERE!!



Here is the blog talking about the area and how it will change, with a picture showing the old area and new area on a hoodie.

When in reality, the area is 75% smaller than what they are showing. Go try and put an image on one of the hoodies. The cheapest hoodie offered, that has the most color options. You will see you can’t even put a design in there with lettering as it simply just too small. It’s the size of the front of a baseball cap. What is this spreadshirt??? A joke???


Would also like to know whats up with the Hoodie print area.


See @Thomas_Spreadshirt’s reply here: