How do I change the design price?

Hi, I’m Chris. I perform for a living. I have had a spreadshirt/shop account for years. How do I change the design price for my shirts. I clicked on the design and each edit option. This is frustrating.

Hey @ChrisPuente,

since the introduction of the new commissionmodel you cant set the price on a designbasis anymore. But you can set the price for each product in your shop.
Just click on the shop symbol on the left sidenavigation and there you will find the option prices. You now can set your shop prices. But be aware: The price is now independet from the design - so every shirt will cost the same setted price.

I don’t find a “shop” symbol. HELP!

Hi EiigyPocr,
this can be the case when you have not opened a shop yet. You can click on the little grey plus-sign under the marketplace symbol (green heart) in your account and open a shop that way. The orange spreadshop symbol will be visible from now on.