How do I find my Spreadshop?

How does someone find my Spreadshop? I can’t find it when I search, nor any of my products even if I search for the exact name I gave it. I have used the direct link but if I want to tell someone to go to my Sweet Baby O Designs Speadshop I don’t know how to find it.

This is your Shop:

You can also see it by clicking here Visit Shop

I need to know how someone else finds my Spreadshop, not me. There is no way for me to search for it. I had friends look and they can only find it if I provide a link.

And also if I search for my product I can’t find it. I can if I’m in the Spreadshop but not from the search engine.

Well if you just opened your Shop then Google needs some time to crawl the Shop and index it for Google. Is this where you and your friends are looking for your shop?

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