How do i link my EU spreadshop to US spreadshop so i can sell in the US?

I am extremely frustrated with this platform!!! im not even sure if im posting my question in the right forum because i cant a spreadshop category.

so i created a UK shop 100587234

started a quick marketing set for the US but unfortunately the prices are all in GBP so i wont get any sales from the US if the customers there don’t understand the prices.

found out that i possibly might need to start another account on the US server. so i did.

now i have created another shop 100818475

how do i link these two so i don’t have to spend the next week uploading? or do I simply just have to start from scratch in order to access the American market?

Ahoy @Maple_Syrup_Tattoo,

the reason why you can’t post your shop-questions in the shop-category anymore is that the shop colleagues moved to an entirely independent shop forum:


The colleages will be happy to answer your questions.