How do I link to categories in my own websites' menu?

Hi! I’ve used this site to add the correct url endings/parameters to link to the different product categories in my websites’ own menu (embedded shop).

But the links for t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, tanks, workwear, and sportswear, don’t work correctly. Your list says the correct parameters would be Q1, Q2 and so on, but using those just sends me to “All products”.

Can you help me find the correct parameters? :slight_smile:


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Hi there! Uh-oh, this one is really on us. We just released a new list page:

And it seems like the FAQ-article is not caught up yet :scream: Sorry about that!

It will be fixed asap though.

Hi, was this ever resolved? Would like to set this up for my site as well.

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We’re working on it still, sorry :frowning:

Should not take much longer. Will let you know here when it’s up & online.

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Hey guys! It’s up :slight_smile:

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