How Do I Make Grapic Print Larger on Shirt

On most of the items in my shop, the graphic LOOKS large enough. But I ordered one of my own shirts and the graphic is too small. It looks okay on other shirts, so it’s not the graphic. It’s too small on the “woman’s premium t-shirt.” How can I get the design to look and print larger on that shirt (and on any other items, for that matter)? Thanks for your help.

Ahoy @Sue-Wacvet,

you can simply scale your design for every product in your Partnerarea. I checked your design " Not Every GI Was A Joe" and it turns out that it just isnt scaled within the printarea for almost all products.

To scale it you just have to enter the edit-mode of the design/ click on the editing-pen symbol on the design and then click edit next to “product selection”. Then you will see all available products. By clicking on each product you will be able to scale the design for each.
If you dont want to do all these single steps for your next uploaded designs you can save these settings as a template and load it for the next desig. Voilá!