How do I redeem Coupon Code?

How do I redeem Coupon Code which sent me via E-mail as a Welcome Gift.?
Can any body help me to redeem welcome gift code?

After you added your products to the basket and clicked on checkout you should see the mask (see screenshot).
If you now enter the coupon code you will get the discount.
I hope this helps?

Thank you so much for your great reply but I have not ask for Coupon code for my order or products. while I “Sign up” in “spreadshirt” website after the next day I receive the “Welcome Code” via my Email ID. In which declared that I got $5 as a welcome code. I am asking for the same how do I redeem this code. Can you please help me or send me link via Email.

Ahoy @JanakRaval,

The mentioned 5$ are a discount for your next order. By entering the code into the maskt the 5$ will be deducted from the order total.
Sorry If I didn’t get you again. If your problem still is another issue please contact our colleages from the service and describe your issue. Maybe you can also add some screenshots to explain the problem.
The adress for our service is: