How long does it take to get approved?

How long does it take, roughly, for a design to get approved and therefore start selling?

Thank you

Hey @User_NA-0c82f1a1,

currently we switched off our online first mode due to the corona crisis and the switch to short time work of almost all of our colleagues.
It can take a while until an uploaded desin is approved. It depends on the overall uploadnumbers and can take up to 10 days.
We hope to get back on track soon.
Keep well!

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Hi There,
I know changes have occurred because of the pandemic. But the message on May 6 stated you were again able to upload 20 designs and have them avaialble right away on the marketplace. I’ve had a design in pending status for about 4 or 5 days.

Is there still a backlog or have you had to turn off “release first” again?

Thank you and be well!

Ahoy @Oh_Chirp,

currently your design will be instantly online on our marketplace although the status in your partnerarea shows pending. This just means that this design is not checked yet. Of course it takes some time to check all uploaded designs from all partners. This can take up to 12 days.
But as I said - your design wil already be visible and sellable on our marketplace.

I haven’t been able to find my design in the marketplace through various searches including specific words and word combos, product title searches, designer name and even adjacent searches.

Also, I don’t see the design in my Showroom from the partner area, and I do have a previous design in there. Am I not doing something correctly?

Should I go to partner support?

HEY @Oh_Chirp
I had a short look into your account: your designs have been rejected OR you still haven’t created any products. There is only one published design with 2 created products and this is foundable on our marketplace:

You need to increase your productselection and also create products in first step to find them on our marketplace.

Just curious if approval times have changed? We are awaiting our design to be reviewed. We are hoping it gets approved soon as we want to start selling our T-Shirts prior to 9-11-2021

Ahoy @911Tribute,

even if the designs are not checked yet they’re already online and can be sold except you uploaded designs that are kind of risky - than our automatic processes will hold back these designs until the full checking process is done.
Do you have a designID for me to check. I can have a look if everything is fine or if you still have to wait.

Best Rico

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Ahoy @5looky,

please note that for all shop related questions the shopforum is the place to go for. You will find it here:

Best Rico

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Hello, how long does it take to get approved? I’ve been waiting 2 days and I just want to know how much longer I have to wait.

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Ahoy @Silverscripter,

as you are a Starter your designs dont get instantly online. The time for the review process depends on the overall upload volumes of all designers. It can take round about 10 days - sometimes more sometimes less.
I saw, that you currently only have 1 design in the review process you want to publish on the marketplace. Why dont you just upload some more?

What Star Class Level do you have to be for your designs to be instantly online?

As soon as you are Starclass 2 your designs will be instantly published but approved afterwards.

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how much time will it take
for my designs to be uploaded to the market
it has been around 5 days
since I posted my designs

thank you

How long does it take, roughly, for a design to get approved and therefore start selling?

Thank you

Hi, unfortunately the design check currently takes much longer then usually because there are so many uploads of AI generated designs at the moment. Thank you for your patience.

Hello, i have uploaded several designs for now 3 weeks i guess. But they are still in review, why its taking so long and when will they be available?

Hi, please be so kind and write a mail to our responsible colleagues under
Thank you for your patience.