How to Find a T-Shirt Designer on Fiverr

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Interesting stuff! Have you used Fiverr or Placeit’s t-shirt maker? Are you currently selling any of those on Spreadshirt? Would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Do you have T-shirt design Software?

We don’t have one ourselves but maybe check out this here:

Yes I have checked this blog but it’s not helpful to me. I want t-shirt design software in magento platform. So using this software my customer can design their own custom t-shirt.

Well then you can just activate the Design Tool in your Shop and have you customers create their own products :slight_smile:

Do you mean I can start the shop on spreadshirt?
Many T-shirts designers can be found on Fiverr, but the quality of the designer’s service is not guaranteed.

I really want to find a service where I can design my own T-shirt design. I have many ideas but I don’t know where I can use them. Maybe I can find a service that can make my design into real life? What do you think maybe you can suggest me what to do?

Since childhood, I have dreamed of making clothes for people and being a fashion designer. I plan not only to release a new beautiful and unusual line of clothes, but also to run my own website through which I can directly sell clothes. I am thinking of making the site look like Denver’s clothing boutiques because it is a really good and quality service. I also want to make my service quality and cool. Maybe I write too much, so can you tell me a good service where I can design my own T-shirts?

Hey @User_NA-58bec642,

our platform offers you the possibility to sell your ideas. There are 2 main point of sales and you can decide on which (or both) you want to sell.

There is our marketplace: you just need to upload your designs and put them on the products that fit to this design. Everything else will be done by us - Marketing, generating SEO and SEM traffic…
On our marketplace the commission for each product is fix - that leads to attractive prices for the customers. But on our marketplace there are also a lot of competitors - other partners. And the restrictions for the designs are higher than for shop-designs.

Then there is our/your Spread-Shop. There you have the full controll over your retail-prizes and there will be no other designs from other partners within your shop. The restrictions for your designs are lower than for marketplace-designs. On the other hand - you have to bring all the traffic to your shop by yourown which isn’t quite as easy.

So you see both point of sales have pros and cons. You can decide which way fits more your needs.
For the beginning you should just try it out.

I think that Fiverr is not about styling clothes. Or I just didn’t ever see the such option there. Anyway, tis’ better to search somewhere on the internet. Or, if you want one badly, you can find/ design the print you want and go to the agency which customizes clothes and other items in your town