How to increase sales?

Hi everyone! Anyone here wants to share how to increase design sales? Anyone knows how to integrate Spreadshirt store with Shopify or any other sales channel with no programming skills?

Read our Blog :slight_smile: where we share the insight from successful shop owners and give you valuable marketing tips:

An integration of Spreadshop isn’t possible but if you’r interested in fulfillment we just launched this:

Remember though that with your Spreadshop (in comparison to fulfillment with SPOD) you don’t need to take care of customer service hassle with your customers etc etc.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hello again! I’ve been watching videos about print on demand and shopify and printful and then some other guy from UK was selling phone cases, and what he did to drive customers to his shop is go to instagram and find iphone or samsung groups or whatnot and offered like 20-50$ to put an add as a post for 1 day in the samsung or iphone instagram group, and he somehow got placed his add there for 1 day for like 40$ or something (he was negotiating a deal with the owner of the instagram account holder). Can I do the same on instagram with my Spreadhirt Stores? Can I visit instagram and offer cash to advertise/promote my Spreadshirt Store? Is it OK?

I think you can advertise your items however you want… so long as it is within the advertising guidelines of where ever you are advertising them…


Of course you can :slight_smile:
We advise you to advertise your shop in whatever creative way you want!

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