How to integrate your Spreadshop into your Blog

Hi Collette, welcome. Did you integrate your shop in your Blog then? I just had a look and couldn’t find it. Maybe you can make it a little more visible so your readers can find the merch.

Hi Lena,
No, I haven’t. How would I do that? I was also going to run a Facebook campaign to attract potential buyers. I’m open to ideas.
Thanks so much,

Are you using Wordpress or which CMS are you using for your Blog?

I am using Wordpress.

Hello Colette,

I´ll jump in here for the moment.
When using WordPress, embedding your shop will be a no brainer! :slight_smile:

You can use our WordPress PlugIn for your Spreadshop:

  1. Create a new site where the Shop will live on your Blog
  2. Install the Zip File within your WordPress PlugIn Section
  3. Activate the PlugIn
  4. Enter all required data + the URL of your newly created page
  5. paste this URL also into the Advanced Settings in the Shop Admin
  6. Ready

Embedding the Shop without using a PlugIn is possible, too:

  1. Create a new site where the Shop will live on your Blog (keep the Editor open)
  2. Go to your Shop Settings > Advanced Settings > Embed Shop in Website
  3. Copy the Code Snippet
  4. Enter your site URL into the “Connect your Shop and Website” form
  5. Paste the Code Snippet into your empty WordPress site (In Text Mode, not Visual Mode) 51
  6. Save & Publish.


Thanks so much, Thomas! I will definitely do that!

When it says create a new “site,” can I just create a new page so that it’s part of my website?

Yes that´s what I´ve meant! :slight_smile: site=page


Is there a support area for the SpreadShop plugin by Spreadshirt? Causes a fatal error on my WordPress site. Switching back to Thimo’s although it has a few bugs. :frowning: this is not cool.

tell me more

Thimo - going to try yours and fixing the category IDs - will report back…

It would be this thread. Can you pass us more infos? For example the URL to start with. We’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

Lena - the plugin causes a fatal error and I get an error message and it prevents the install which is nice because usually it just crashes the whole site and I would have to go into the source code/files to fix; I believe I’m using one of the default Wordpress Themes like Twenty-whatever. I could see it not working with the theme if that would help I can find out which one I’m using for that site but I have 2-3 stores/sites I use now… they will all be different.

You are using a plugin that isn’t officially supported by us so unfortunately we cannot help you out. We only offer support for plugins that are officially supported by us, as for example our own Wordpress plugin: or our Joomla plugin: but it seems like @lovetee is already helping you out so that’s great. Thank you Thimo! :slight_smile:

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Lena, sorry you misunderstood -

The Spreadshirt Plugin caused a fatal error so I wasn’t able to even try it out and I went back to using Thimo’s plugin.

Was wondering if Spreadshirt knew why THEIR plugin would cause a fatal error in WordPress.

Thank you!

Nothing we can reproduce and now you’ve changed it already so it’s nothing we can check. But we would have happily helped :slight_smile:

Lena - I couldn’t even install the Spreadshirt plugin so I don’t know how you would have been able to help by looking at it. WordPress prevented me from activating the installation. It did not give me a specific error code… just that it caused a fatal error. In other words, there was no way I could install it at all.

The only thing I can think of is that it doesn’t work with specific themes, WordPress versions or other plugins, and that is what I was hoping you could answer.

And… No answer???

This is what I get when I try to install Spreadshirt’s WordPress plugin.